Hi, my name is Georgios.
I'm a versatile software engineer.

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Who am I?

My name is Georgios (or Yorgos, if you can pronounce the Greek version of it). I am a software engineer with a M.Sc. degree and with over 10 years of professional experience.

When it comes to work, I find motivation in learning new technologies and contributing to every part of a project. Which explains how I've managed to gather experience with a variety of technologies including Android, iOS, React Native, ReactJS, NodeJS, SpringBoot, AWS, and Google Cloud.

This article explains how your team can benefit from a T-Shaped software engineer like yours truly.





To every tech enthusiast and music lover like myself, Spotify is the Mecca of IT. I have the luxury to be working in a team of world-class professionals and contribute in building state-of-the-art Android apps that bring the happiness of music to hundreds of millions of users.


MatHem's mission is the speedy door-to-door delivery of fresh groceries throughout Sweden. I joined the team with the goal to help improve the stability and performance of the app which thousands of drivers use to deliver groceries from MatHem's warehouses to their clients' doors.


For several years I worked with this fantastic team, building the smallest, fastest, and the most flexible player ever made. My main task was to design, build, and maintain Flowplayer's Android and iOS SDKs.

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